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Where To Send Your Kids to School In Guanacaste, Costa Rica

best private schools in Tamarindo and flamingo

A breakdown of the best private schools Congratulations! You’re thinking about moving to Costa Rica. The biggest questions on your mind right now is probably: “But where would I send my kids to school?” Luckily, the Tamarindo/Flamingo area is arguably home to the very bestRead more ›

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Homes for sale in Tamarindo, ocean view condos, luxury real estate – which is it?

There is so much on the internet regarding real estate for sale in Tamarindo. There seems to be no real functioning MLS that everyone uses (RPM Real Estate Costa Rica is a user) and so as a buyer of a home in Guanacaste, you areRead more ›

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Why buy beach front Real Estate in Tamarindo or Langosta

Ocean View Treasure Lots and Villas

Beach front property has always been a desire as long as the concept of owning personal property has existed. Being able to feel the ocean breeze, see it, smell it and even see the sunset hold value to the senses but your real estate agentRead more ›

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Zombie Hummingbirds: 13 Things You Didn’t Know About These Feathered Friends

how to attract costa rica hummingbird

1. A praying mantis can eat a hummingbird. Don’t believe me? Watch this video. 2. Hummingbirds can get beak cavities If you don’t put the correct ratio of sugar water in their feeders, they can get beak cavities. They can also get fat. (For theRead more ›

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8 Things You Should Know About the Tamarindo Beach Marathon

Tamarindo Beach Marathon 2014

Once upon a time there was a Greek messenger named Pheidippides. Pheidippides took his job very seriously. In 490 BC, he was given the task of bringing good news of Greek victory in battle from a place called Marathon all the way to Athens (aRead more ›

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Where to Celebrate this 25 of July: The 190th Annexation of Guanacaste Day

July 25 guanacaste costa rica

It’s hard to imagine what Costa Rica would be like without the spectacular beaches and rugged natural beauty of Guanacaste. This July 25th marks the 190th anniversary of the Annexation of Guanacaste – the day this vast northwestern province stopped being a part of NicaraguaRead more ›

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Tamarindo Costa Rica Low Season Real Estate Highlight’s

Its been an exciting past few months down here in Tamarindo, Costa Rica for Real Estate. Besides some scattered showers and a few solid rains, its Hacked been cheap jerseys beautiful. With the passing into ¨the low season¨ businesses in slow or close down BUTRead more ›

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