Jungle Sanctuary in the Hills of Playa Negra


Playa Negra is located in Guanacaste, Costa Rica which is known for 300+ days of sunshine with
rapidly growing tourism and investment interests. The crystalline waters and consistent surf of
Playa Negra is inviting for surfers and all kinds of beachgoers. Playa Negra is a world class wave
by any standards and attracts surfers from all over the world to enjoy the beach and quaint surf

This property is only accessible by dirt roads and feels like the rustic Costa Rica that travelers are
seeking. The booming surf town of Tamarindo is just 35 min north and Liberia International
airport is about 1.5 hours away.


Nestled in the idyllic hills above Playa Negra, Jungle Sanctuary offers a one-of-a-kind haven that
seamlessly blends luxury living with the breathtaking beauty of its surroundings. Immerse
yourself in a world of tropical splendor, just minutes away from world-class white sand beaches,
renowned surf breaks, and an array of exquisite dining options.

Surrounded by the vibrant villages of Junquillal, Los Pargos (Playa Negra), and Playa Avellana,
this property boasts a coveted location that showcases the very best of Costa Rica’s coastal
lifestyle. Indulge in the captivating allure of these internationally acclaimed beaches, where the
golden sands meet the rolling waves, creating a paradise for surf enthusiasts and beach lovers

Whether you seek Blue Zone typical cuisine or crave the culinary delights of Michelin-rated
restaurants, the dining scene here caters to every palate. While the vibrant tourist hub of
Tamarindo awaits just 30 minutes away, Jungle Sanctuary offers a serene escape from the hustle
and bustle. Feel a sense of harmony and tranquility as you embrace the symphony of birdsong
and the gentle rustle of nature in your very own jungle sanctuary.

These two extraordinary, titled parcels present an exceptional investment opportunity, as they
currently lack public water and electricity infrastructure. However, this unique situation allows

you to acquire these remarkable properties at a fraction of their entitled prices, offering
incredible value and potential.

The first lot, #57, spans an impressive 7,542m2 (1.86 acres), while lot #58 boasts an expansive
15,542m2 (3.84 acres), totaling almost 8 acres of prime real estate. Amidst the lush foliage of
this enchanting landscape, you will find carefully cleared areas ideally suited for your dream

Towering tropical specimen trees dot the property, providing shade, privacy, and a touch of
natural grandeur. A seasonal stream meanders through the land, further enhancing its charm,
while the potential for an ocean view adds an element of awe-inspiring beauty.
For the astute investor who appreciates the value of patience, Jungle Sanctuary offers an
opportunity to embrace nature, revel in ample space, and relish in absolute privacy.
Explore the possibilities of entitlement opportunities, harness the power of solar energy, and
consider the potential for well drilling to ensure self-sufficiency. Let your imagination run wild as
you envision the remarkable lifestyle that awaits you in this hidden gem!

Lot, #57 – 7,542m2 (1.86 acres) – Asking Price $95,000
Lot #58 – 15,542m2 (3.84 acres) – Asking Price $155,000

For more information or to arrange a showing, please contact info@RPMRealEstateCR.com

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