Commercial Space in Paseo del Mar

The town of Huacas is the crossroads for all the beach towns of the Gold Coast of Guanacaste,
and the Paseo del Mar commercial center is the most important commercial hub in this
high-traffic location. It is on the main road connecting Flamingo and Potrero, with Tamarindo,
Liberia, Playa Grande, and other beaches. It maintains a privileged location on the main road,
and guarantees great visibility and access to a constant flow of vehicles, residents, and tourists,
providing excellent opportunities to attract customers throughout the year and promote
business growth.

The shopping center itself is recognized for being a popular destination, with a variety of shops,
a cafeteria, and other services; this guarantees a constant influence of visitors throughout the
year. In addition, the number of children is very high due to the number of private schools in
the area. The infrastructure and services close to the place such as hotels, resorts, restaurants,
and others, make the point a highly sought-after place.

The 54 m2 (581.2 sq ft) space is designed with a clean, attractive concept, and with an
intelligent distribution that makes the space suitable for your business. The premises have large
windows that allow the entry of natural light, creating a well-lit environment, which is versatile
and adapts to different types of businesses.The place is in good condition and ready to be
customized according to the needs of the new owner.

In addition, it has ample secure parking next to the building, which makes it easy for customers
to access. Located on the second floor of Paseo del Mar shopping center, conveniently between
Huacas and the most visited beaches of Santa Cruz.

The amenities provided by the shopping center make this place a unique opportunity to
establish a successful business in a high-demand tourist area with an investment opportunity:

the purchase of this commercial space not only offers the possibility of establishing a
prosperous business but also an excellent long-term investment.

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