Why buy beach front Real Estate in Tamarindo or Langosta

Ocean View Treasure Lots and Villas
Beach front property has always been a desire as long as the concept of owning personal property has existed. Being able to feel the ocean breeze, see it, smell it and even see the sunset hold value to the senses but your real estate agent will also tell you, here in Guanacaste at the beach, its everything.

Our listings at RPM Real Estate are all over town from the hills overlooking the ocean in downtown Tamarindo, to small condos a block off the beach in Langosta to lots, luxury beach front homes, we have it all – but what historically has been the winner in both resale and rental in both Tamarindo and Langosta has been…. surprise, beach front. Why? Its a mix of many factors. First of all, there are only 8 true beach front lots in all of Tamarindo and Langosta beach left! Within the Tamarindo Preserve on punto San Francisco which divides both beaches is where the majority of beach front property left in the town is. The remaining 3 lots located on the Tamarindo beach are all that’s left outside The Preserve.

As for homes and condos, there are an estimated 15 beach front condos on the market in all of Tamarindo and Langosta combined in comparison to the over 600 condos for sale not on the beach! People want what’s rare and those are strong numbers.. the amount of sales in Langosta on the beach versus off the beach are always higher.. the amount of inquiries for rentals also tell us the same thing.

If you are considering your options for the best investment here at the beach in real estate – contact us at RPM Real Estate Costa Rica for the real story on where and why..

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