8 Things You Should Know About the Tamarindo Beach Marathon

Tamarindo Beach Marathon 2014

Once upon a time there was a Greek messenger named Pheidippides. Pheidippides took his job very seriously. In 490 BC, he was given the task of bringing good news of Greek victory in battle from a place called Marathon all the way to Athens (a distance of 42 kilometers/26 miles). He ran as fast as he could without stopping even once for a water break – not even to tie his shoes or to catch his breath. After delivering the message to the Greek parliament, he promptly dropped dead. The end.

And that happy story is where the word “marathon” comes from!

So lace up your sneakers, because it’s time for the Tamarindo Beach Marathon.

Each September, runners from all over the world meet in Tamarindo for the town’s biggest and baddest annual athletic event. Last year’s race brought in about 5,000 competitors from dozens of different countries (2013 winner Fikadu Lemma came all the way from Ethiopia).

Without further ado, here are 8 things you need to know about the 2014 Tamarindo Beach Marathon.

1. How do you sign up for the 2014 Tamarindo Marathon

You can register at their official website, here, or you can register in person at any Runners store in San Jose, Heredia and Cartago. The last official day for in-person registration is Monday, September 15.

2. What does registration include?

There are several different races to choose from, each with a different price tag to enter. All entries include a pasta dinner at the Diria Hotel Friday at 6pm, an INS insurance policy (just in case), a medallion (even if you don’t win!), an ADIDAS t-shirt, a number, a disposable Mylap chip and plenty of water.

3. What are the Tamarindo Beach Marathon 2014 costs and prizes?

There are some pretty epic cash prizes up for grab for the Full and Half Marathon races. For all of the others you just get a plaque. Sorry.

Full Marathon 42K  

Cost to enter: $110 USD

First place prize: 1,200,000 colones (roughly $2,250 USD)

Second place prize: 600,000 colones (roughly $1,100 USD)

Third place prize: 400,000 colones (roughly $750 USD)

Half Marathon 21K

Cost to enter: $85 USD

First place prize: 300,000colones (roughly $560 USD)

Second place prize: 250,000colones (roughly $470 USD)

Third place prize: 200,000 colones (roughly $370 USD)


Cost to enter: $85 USD

Prizes: Plaques only. Sorry – no cash money.


Cost to enter: $60 USD

Prizes: Plaques only. Sorry – no cash money.


Cost to enter: $30

Prizes: Plaques only. Sorry – no cash money.

Click here for more information about entry fees and prizes.

4. When and where does it start?

All races begin at the Hotel Diria, with exact start times yet to be announced. Last year the first race took off at 5:00am. Click here to view maps for each race.

5. How do they keep people from cheating?

Each contestant is given a disposable Mylaps performance chip that tracks mileage and makes sure everyone stays honest.

6. Where to Stay

Most accommodations have already been booked for this season. Email Lola at RPM to see if she can squeeze you into any last-minute rentals. While you’re at it – book a place for the 2015 race in advance, before everything fills up!

7. What is there to do before and after the race?

A fireworks display is scheduled for early in the morning on Saturday, September 20th, just before the race. That same evening at 7:00pm, Costa Rican rock star Lucho Calavera will be performing live in front of the Diria Hotel just before the awards ceremony.

8. Where to Eat

There are more amazing restaurants in Tamarindo than we could possibly list here. Check out some food reviews for inspiration. Or, if you don’t want to mess with the crowds, you can always order delivery from Tico To Go.

By: Genna Marie


Photo Credits: photo credit: Josiah Mackenzie via photopin cc

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