Homes for sale in Tamarindo, ocean view condos, luxury real estate – which is it?


There is so much on the internet regarding real estate for sale in Tamarindo. There seems to be no real functioning MLS that everyone uses (RPM Real Estate Costa Rica is a user) and so as a buyer of a home in Guanacaste, you are forced to plow through the 10 or so sites that really sell real estate in Langosta or Tamarindo. you don’t get a true sense of what is worth what until you have been through hours of page swimming… so how do you really figure it out? The easiest way would be to call a real estate agent, or our broker, Lock Cooper But should you not quite be there yet, you can always email – still too shy? Real Estate in Tamarindo still seem like a dream? Well, we understand. Its complicated, its a foreign market, there are different laws and there is a lot to learn. You do need human contact though and the best thing to do is to speak to someone who is licensed through our national board which is also affiliated with the national association of realtors in the united states. That is the first filter to go through.. who knows what they are talking about, and who can back that up? A licensed realtor can. Always good to check to see if who you are speaking with is on that list with CRGAR.

Its pretty obvious who the top offices are and who really holds the cards – the truth is- its the property manager/ combined with a real estate office. We are the ones who hold the keys, the real-time rental income information, the flaws, the performance numbers, the history of the units and yes, the owners direct contact. Take that into consideration when picking a brokerage to work with. Are they just brokering deals or are they a one-stop shop for real estate in Tamarindo. Will they manage the place? Have they in the past? Do they rent it out as well? Which is a better buy an ocean view condo in Tamarindo or is it beach front property in Tamarindo? WHY? Well, who would know more the guy who just comes and gets the keys or the one who holds the keys.

Next time you are looking for property in Costa Rica, simply look no further, RPM Real Estate and RPM Services have been in the business for 15 years and yes, we hold the keys.

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