Tamarindo Costa Rica Low Season Real Estate Highlight’s

Its been an exciting past few months down here in Tamarindo, Costa Rica for Real Estate. Besides some scattered showers and a few solid rains, its Hacked been cheap jerseys beautiful. With the passing into ¨the low season¨ businesses in slow or close down BUT our real estate arm posted just as many transactions as in the high season. Go figure.

Some of our RPM owners have reinvested with us which also gives us strength when we are in the slower months. The mid $300,000 range  to $500,000 is our strongest market overall and for us to build new homes in that range further ensures our success. Our team will keep building as long as we keep selling them. Its been a very long time coming and we are Actually very excited to be a part of it.

Are we gearing up for a busy high season? According to the ministry of tourism numbers, flights will be increasing by 13% and with the addition of European wholesale mlb jerseys flights coming in staring in November through the winter months in Europe. That is certainly good for Tamarindo and Costa Rica overall and most certainly for the vacation rental sector, but will that lead to more real estate sales? That is a tough call. Historically Europeans dont buy real estate in Central America very often because of the distance and wholesale nba jerseys the price ranges being comparable to what is over there, closer. We cant say for sure what this new influx of Euros will mean for Tamarindo but we are hoping we can get their attention with the quality product we have on the Tamarindo market.

Stay tuned Costa for more as the slow season continues.


Lock & Dan

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